Compostable Offering

EcoSafe 6400™ test bags are ideal for municipal curb side yard waste collection programs. They also support pre- and post-consumer food waste diversion programs. All EcoSafe 6400™ compostable bags carry the United States Composting Council / Biodegradable Products Institute certification symbol. This symbol shows that the product has been tested in an approved third party laboratory for conformance to the ASTM Standards.


  • 100% Compostable

  • Meets ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics

  • Extra strong leak-resistant seals

  • More durable than brown paper bags. Will not fall apart when subjected to rain or moisture

  • Totally degrades in 10 to 45 days and fullycomposts in less than 6 months when disposed of in commercial composting facility

  • Green tinted bags with EcoSafe 6400™ printed on the bags

  • Cartons made with 100% recycled paperboard

  • No twist ties added

  • Best if used within 9 months of opening the package