Everyday Printed Bags

Everyday Printed Bags


Presto’s printed bags with Emoji and Sport prints help bring fun and excitement back to both lunch and snack time. Keep kids engaged with these gender-neutral prints.

Sub Description

Presto’s new Emoji and Sport bags are available in Sandwich and are great for lunches. The traditional and square snack sizes are perfect for on-the-go snacking.  These bags are Presto’s original Reclosable Sandwich and Snack, which offer the zipper closing features and a tight-locking seal. They offer secure closure and excellent performance for any food or household items.

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BPA Free
100% Recycled Paperboard
Made in the USA with Resin

Presto’s line of Kid-Friendly Bags offers the following benefits:

BPA Free
FDA and Kosher-approved materials
Made with Recyclable Polyethylene
Zipper closing feature