Continuously reducing our carbon footprint on the environment though manufacturing improvements, and product offerings.

Manufacturing Improvements

Presto Products has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.33% year over year.

Presto is an Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star partner since 2008.

Helping to keep water clean by significantly reducing solvent based inks, and switching to water based inks.

Use of Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay-certified transportation carriers.

Manufacturing realignment and supply chain optimization effort moved production lines closer to the customers requesting product. Project resulted in:

* 350 truckload shipments eliminated

* Reduction of 392,000 miles of shipping

* 78,460 gallons of diesel fuel consumption avoidance

* Elimination of ~1,700,000 lbs of CO2.

Continuously taking strides to optimize energy use, such as installing programmable thermostats for office areas.

Product Offerings

Dedicated to following CA state law requirement requiring 10% of Purchased Post Industrial resin be used in regulated bags shipped into the state.

Our ASTM D6400 compliant Compostable Waste Bag Program has offerings communities can use in conjunction with their composting waste management initiatives. Click Compostable Bags for more information.