Savings Spectacular Displays

Stage a powerful sales event with private brands best selling food storage bags. Presto’s pre-packed, traffic-stopping point-of-purchase display creates a whirlwind of sales.



  • Pre-packed and ready to sell

    • Reclosable Storage Quart 25 count

    • Reclosable Storage Gallon 20 count

    • Reclosable Freezer Quart 20 count

    • Reclosable Freezer Gallon 15 count

  • Attractive, printed white corrugate

  • “Grab-and-go” design make products easily accessible


  • Sets up in minutes with minimum effort

  • Crisp, clean display combines savings message with product identification

  • Consumers quickly view and select products

  • Delivers outstanding programming flexibility

  • Encourages impulse sales-consumers quickly view and select products


Available under the Presto® brand or your store brand.