Free Standing Displays

Extra aisle space can become a powerhouse sales area. Choose from multiple display configurations from the list of product lines below:

  • Reclosable Sandwich Bags

  • Reclosable Snack Bags

  • Reclosable Super Sized Sandwich Bags

  • Reclosable Storage Quart Bags

  • Reclosable Freezer Quart Bags

  • Reclosable Storage Gallon Bags

  • Reclosable Freezer Gallon Bags

  • Slider Storage Quart Bags

  • Slider Freezer Quart Bags

  • Slider Storage Gallon Bags

  • Slider Freezer Gallon Bags

  • Fold & Close Sandwich Bags

  • Plastic Wraps

  • Reusable Containers

  • 13 Gallon Drawstring Bags

  • 13 Gallon SuperFlex Drawstring Bags

  • 13 Gallon Twist Tie Bags

  • 13 Gallon Flap Tie Bags

  • 30 Gallon Twist Tie Bags

  • 30 Gallon Flap Tie Bags

  • 39 Gallon Twist Tie Bags

  • 39 Gallon Flap Tie Bags



  • Free-standing, labor-saving design

  • Colorful, traffic-stopping headers

  • Pre-stocked with popular products

  • Available in multiple merchandise assortments

  • Available in mixed displays for some product categories for maximum variety


  • Great for cross-merchandising food storage bags in the bakery, deli or produce sections

  • Fast and easy to setup

  • Broad selection appeals to customers and complements your merchandising mix


Available under the Presto® brand or your store brand.