Small Trash Bags

We provide wastebasket liners and small trash bags in 4 and 8 gallon sizes. Learn more about Presto's Small Trash Bags.

Tall Kitchen Bags

13 gallon bags are available with twist tie, flap tie, Handle Top™ drawstring and Stretch 'N Hold™ elastic drawstring closure styles. Also look for 20 gallon compactor bags. Learn more about Presto's Tall Kitchen Bags.

Large Trash Bags

30 gallon and 33 gallon trash bags come in twist tie, flap tie and drawstring closure styles. Learn more about Presto's Large Trash Bags.

Lawn & Leaf Bags

Sturdy 39 gallon twist tie, flap tie and drawstring disposer bags. Learn more about Presto's Lawn & Leaf Bags.

Contractor Bags

42 and 45 gallon Contractor bags are available for the heavy duty mess! Learn more about Presto's Contractor Bags.

Drum Liners

55 gallon Drum Liners are ideal for large scale clean ups! Learn more about Presto's Drum Liners.