Slider Bags

Easy-slide action and sure-locking closure have made Presto Slider Bags a fast-growing segment of the private label storage bag category. Best yet, store brand slider bags complement—not compete with—other zippered products to increase overall category sales.


Product Types

  • Slider Storage Bags—available in quart or gallon sizes with colorful red tabs

  • Slider Freezer Bags—available in quart or gallon sizes with blue tabs. Extra thickness offers extra protection for freezing.


  • Colorful sliders provide a secure locking closure

  • Top-quality—comparable to national brands

  • Write-on labels identify contents

  • Made from FDA- and kosher-approved materials


  • Easy-open slider appeals to all ages, especially children and seniors

  • Consumers feel zipper close tightly for a secure seal

  • Great for storing food and nonfood items alike


Available as open stock under the Presto® brand, or as your store brand. Also available in labor-saving pre-packed displays. Learn more about Displays.