Reusable Storage Containers

Opportunity has never knocked louder - Packed with the quality and features of the leading national brands, Presto containers are offered in private label's most complete selection of popular sizes. This category is a must-have to elevate your private label to brand status.

128 oz. Family Size

Our largest container will open up more opportunities in your store brand line-up.  Learn more about the Presto 128 oz Family Size Container


76 oz. Large Rectangle

Go big with the #1 ranked container in sales dollars. Give consumers what they want. Learn more about the Presto 76 oz. Rectangular Reusable Container.


64 oz. Deep Dish

A family-size container great for full meals, potlucks and general storage.
Learn more about the Presto 64 oz. Deep Dish Container.


48 oz. Big Bowl

Extreme versatility for storing pantry staples or bringing dishes to events and parties. Learn more about the Presto 48 oz. Big Bowl Container.


32 oz. Large Entrée

The ultimate size for convenience with large surface area allowing for eating out of the container. Learn more about the Presto 32 oz. Large Entrée Container.


25 oz. Entrée

A broad, shallow tub perfect for sandwiches and leftovers.
Learn more about the Presto 25 oz. Entrée Container.


24 oz. Soup & Salad

A deep tub perfect for salads, soups, stews, and sauces.
Learn more about the Presto 24 oz. Soup & Salad Container.


9.5 oz. Snack

A smaller size for snacks and single servings.
Learn more about the Presto 9.5 oz. Snack Container.



Leak resistant and easy to use containers for use in freezers, microwaves and dishwashers. Learn more about Presto Twist&Store® Containers.