Indoor Stretch ‘N Hold® Flex Drawstring Waste Bags

Indoor Stretch ‘N Hold® Flex Drawstring Waste Bags


This stretchable, indoor waste bag offers premium quality and a durable bag body.

Sub Description

As a new product addition to the Presto waste line, the Stretch ‘N Hold® Flex bag offers top-notch strength. With tear-resistance, elastic drawstrings and odor control, it’s perfect for indoor kitchen use. This indoor waste bag also stretches around your waste receptacle and snaps back to stay securely in place—no matter what contents are placed inside of it.


Choose from two count options and several different scents.

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Product Badges
100% Recycled Paperboard
Stretch 'N Hold
Made in the USA from Global Components

13 Gallon Specifications


2ft X 2 ft 3/8 in

(60.9cm X 69.5cm)


Clean Fresh

Island Aloha



Presto’s Stretch ‘N Hold® Flex Drawstring Bags offer the following benefits:

Scented with odor control
Elastic drawstring
Stretchable body bag