Presto Plus

Gear up your brand with Presto Plus. Presto Plus is the total solution (some call it the value proposition) that we provide to help build your brand. It's the complete range of services that only Presto can provide.

World Class Quality

Comprehensive quality systems and resources to ensure our products meet the highest standards.

Category Management Solutions

Presto has a full ray of syndicated data and category management expertise to build strategies to improve category wide performance and optimize your assortment.

Industry-Leading Fill Rates

A reliable, streamlined replenishment structure that maximizes inventory turns and minimizes lost opportunities. Electronic Data Interchange - secure electronic links, allowing exchanging of data such as purchase orders, shipping status and inventories. Vendor-Managed Inventory - Our specialists analyze your actual and forecast data to manage inventory and replenish products on demand.

Consumer Insights

Presto has the expertise to gather and leverage the voice of your shoppers to gain valuable insights that can take your brand beyond "me too" in order to drive sales, differentiate your banner and improve profitability.

Brand-Equivalent Products

Presto’s highly experienced R&D team develops, tests and launches products with brand-equivalent quality, features and selection.

Volume-Building Programs

Presto provides a full range of pre-packed displays, mixed pallets and display ready cases to stimulate trial purchases as well as create add-on sales.

Creative Graphic Design

Our full scale, highly creative in-house team can help you drive sales through visually pleasing packaging and point of sale enhancements.

Packaging Expertise

Presto provides packaging engineering support to create efficient and effective designs to meet your brand's packaging and merchandising needs.

Presto Plus - the power to build your brand!