A wise choice for value-minded shoppers.

Looking for a turn-key program to enhance your merchandising mix? Here’s a selection of Presto’s best-selling products, counts and closure features—all packaged and positioned to compete.


Food Storage Bags

Quality reclosable sandwich bags, fold & close sandwich bags, snack bags, quart and gallon-size storage bags available for all your storage bag needs. For more information click on Storage Bags and Wraps.


Convenient slide top bags are the premier option for food storage bags. For more information follow the link to Slider Bags.

Reusable Containers

Presto's full range of reusable containers with lids. For more information click on Reusable Storage Containers.

Plastic Wrap

High-performance, easy-to-handle plastic wrap. For more information click on the link to Plastic Wrap.

Small Waste and Tall Kitchen Bags

Offered in 4 gallon, 8 gallon, 13 gallon and 20 gallon sizes, Presto offers durable trash bags with the convenience of multiple closures. For more information click on Waste Bags.

Trash Bags

Rugged, 30 gallon and 33 gallon capacity bags that stand up to the demands of the outdoors. Click on Trash Bags for more information.

Lawn & Leaf Bags

Sturdy 33 gallon and 39 gallon bags ready to handle organic material. For more information click on Lawn & Leaf Bags.

Contractor or Drum Liners

Designed for the largest receptacles, Presto brand has available a club pack high count configuration. Click on Contractor Bags or Drum Liners for more information.