Fold & Close Sandwich Bags & Food Bread Bags

Presto offers affordable, practical food storage products: economical fold & close sandwich bags and gallon-size food & bread storage bags with traditional twist ties. For back to basics, it’s back to Presto to complete your store brand offering for a 100% store brand solution.


Product Types

  • Fold & Close Sandwich Bags—a self-closing top and affordable pricing make this a favorite that the national brands don't offer

  • Food & Bread Storage Bags—a generous size stores homemade bread, produce, and other fresh foods


  • Proven storage basics continue to be popular

  • Made from high-performance plastic

  • Affordable storage options, great for a wide variety of uses

  • Made from FDA- and kosher-approved materials


  • Appeals to price-sensitive shoppers

  • A good blend of economy and performance


Available as open stock under the Presto® brand, or as your store brand.