76 oz. Rectangular Container


Give consumers what they want with this high-quality, large rectangular container. A crack-resistant lid and extended lift tab make lid removal easy.



  • Disposable, reusable, affordable

  • Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe (reheating only)

  • Convenient measuring lines help identify portions

  • Comparable size, quality and unit counts to national brands

  • Made from FDA- and kosher-approved materials

  • Smart Match lid and tub matching system


  • Perfect for storing and freezing meals, such as lasagna

  • Serve salads, pasta recipes and marinated meats at picnics, potlucks and tailgate parties

  • No surprises—clear container shows contents at a glance

  • Versatile—popular for storing food and a wide variety of household items

  • BPA (bisphenol A) Free

  • Smart Match helps find the lid that fits among many lids stored together

  • Smart Match symbol also serves as identification for the container once packaging is removed


Available as open stock under the Presto® brand, or as your store brand. Also available in labor-saving, pre-packed displays. During a limited time, holiday displays are available featuring containers with green lids.